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Build your own


Plastic bottle tops, foil, sticky tape, a cardboard box and cable ties. Needless to say, these are all items that any self-respecting homemade robot needs in order to be created.

When you get involved in a robot building exercise with your child you learn to exercise your mind in many imaginative ways. For example, you discover that bottle tops can be eyes, silver foil a shiny smile, and paper cups become legs. None of these items were ever designed for such uses, but opening your eyes and mind to the potential uses for the most mundane items certainly gives your creative muscles a work-out.

Now I find myself looking at everyday objects in completely different ways, seeing beyond the obvious and finding lots of other creative possibilities. This has helped in my daily work as a designer because it allows my mind to wander further than it might have done before my daughter enrolled me in any of these very important ‘building’ tasks.

It does you good to keep in touch with these kind of activities if you’re involved in the creative industry. It allows you put the touch screens and keyboards to one side for a while and reconnect with materials and textures that you’ve long forgotten from your childhood, exploring what’s possible, engaging your imagination and rewarding you with a creation that brings a smile.

You can be sure when you come to Epigram with a creative challenge, we’ll look in the most unlikely places for solutions, maybe even the fridge!

Dave Clements

Senior Designer

PS Can you keep any plastic bottle tops you come across please, I’m always on the look out for them.

Rebecca Perks