Event Branding & Messaging

The visual identity can make or break your event. We understand the importance of setting the right tone and the right message from the get-go.

From developing a range of identity concepts to supporting with key messaging and communications strategies, we've got your back. Event branding can be so much more than just a logo or hero image - check out our design collateral section for more event related design inspiration and ideas both on and offline.

Interactive Media

Attendee engagement is arguably the most important of any event strategy. People no longer come to events just to sit and listen. With access to live audience voting systems, a range of interactive media, touchscreen kiosks and other technologies we can bring spark and real post-event value to your events.

Our expert film and sound crew can capture the event in its entirety, from keynote sessions to vox-pop interviews with delegates, creating a wealth of event related brand and communication assets. Post-production can be undertaken on site during the event, or in the days and weeks that follow.

Stage Design & Build

The world is a stage and yours deserves to stand out for all the right reasons. We can design and build custom stage sets, rig the perfect lighting and provide a highly skilled film crew to capture your event live.

Bring your stage to life with live footage of your speakers, animation, video and other media, transforming the set into a super-widescreen canvass for your content.

Design Collateral

Event design goes so much further than a logo and hero-image. Our event support typically includes collateral such as invites, agendas, badges and conference packs. Environmental branding including banners, vinyl wall wraps and projections create an immersive experience for your delegates. Animations, film and motion graphics can be used to enhance presentations and of course, we also provide PowerPoint design where needed.

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