Turning 25

In 2018 Epigram will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Established in 1993, our designers, writers and film makers have been providing creative solutions that help clients achieve their diverse range of objectives. To mark this important year we will post an animation each month that highlight celebrations held in our clients' countries around the world. With best wishes for successful 2018.

Going Analogue

I’m an incredibly plugged in person. From the moment my alarm goes off at 7am right up until I turn the lights out at 1am, after another inevitably late night, I am never without some kind of electronic device. I use my phone to communicate, my kindle to read, my Mac to work and the internet to look at videos of Raccoons doing cute things on all of these devices.

Making photography ‘click’

I love photography. I have a collection of coffee table books on the subject, I spend hours pouring over fashion magazines rammed with glamorous and interesting images and I love a nosey on Instagram (who doesn’t love photos of random peoples brunch?), but i’ll let you in on a little secret- I am terrified of my camera.

Kuala Lumpur, where contrasts spur creative energy

In the hot and sunny cultural melting pot that is KL, urban financiers sway together with pseudo-punks in crowded trains, yuppy jazz bars operate alongside foot reflexology centres manned by Burmese immigrants, Cosmopolitans readily available beside coconut water – one haram; the other halal.

Totes amaze balls! The benefits of play for adults

When was the last time you played like a kid? Rolled down a hill, danced like no-one was watching, or jumped into a massive ball pool? Well, for me it was yesterday, and it was brilliant.

Build your own

Plastic bottle tops, foil, sticky tape, a cardboard box and cable ties. Needless to say, these are all items that any self-respecting homemade robot needs in order to be created.

Getting creative with a new hobby

Last month I enrolled on an interior design night class at my local college. I have recently moved house and designing the room schemes inspired me to sign up and give it a try.