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Getting to Eureka! (or blue sky thinking in the Rainy City)

blue sky

The world of marketing has undergone massive changes in recent years. But even in this digital era of flashy graphics and interaction, there is one, very traditional, thing that still matters more than anything else: ‘The Idea’.

The idea is the engine behind every successful campaign. It grabs attention, makes work go viral, ties everything together and generates profits.

At Epigram, we see our job as working with you to create this idea, but we also need your help to get the best out of our creative minds. The secret lies in how you brief our team.

Background is key to inspiring our thinking. We ask for content to read, information to digest and your personal knowledge to provide context. This background doesn’t need to involve pages and pages of information. For example, keywords really do contain the key to unlocking the idea. Knowing something about your audience is also crucial.

You might think that creating Eureka moments in an agency involves a group of creatives sitting in a hot, sweaty room, throwing ideas back and forward. This is sometimes the case (we open the window), but the brain is a powerful thing and sometimes it’s best to let thoughts stew in the background until the mind is ready to reveal its results.

This rarely happens when staring at the screen, but when your mind is free to roam: whether taking a lunchtime walk, making a cup of tea or buying a sandwich. In my case, with a break from the tasks at hand, it regularly happens in the middle cubicle of the toilets in our office. Specific yes, but time and again this is where ‘The Idea’ has materialised. Archimedes had his bath. I have my WC.

So, give us the background and we’ll give you the idea. Just don’t ask where we had it.

Note: the photo above isn’t a rare blue sky over Manchester. It’s the door of the middle cubicle on the 3rd floor.

By Alastair Walker

Creative Director (UK & Europe)

Rebecca Perks