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Making photography ‘click’

shutter speed tests

I love photography. I have a collection of coffee table books on the subject, I spend hours pouring over fashion magazines rammed with glamorous and interesting images and I love a nosey on Instagram (who doesn’t love photos of random peoples brunch?), but i’ll let you in on a little secret- I am terrified of my camera.

Not my point-and-shoot-take-everywhere camera, but my ‘proper’ camera, a fancy Canon SLR with more buttons than John Lewis haberdashery department. It’s intimidating, because basically, I don’t know what i’m doing. I tend to use my smaller camera, or even my trusty iPhone, which also means I can tinker with filters to make the shots look better- genius! (but I can’t help feeling its cheating). I have a good eye for composition and I know what I want to achieve, but making the vision in my head a reality with the SLR camera is something I find daunting.

The opportunity recently arose for me to enrol in a one-day SLR beginners course, so I decided it was time to take the camera by the lens and finally master the technical side of photography.

The day started out shaky…the teacher was late, the rain torrential, and the atmosphere in the tiny conference room was thick with anxiety- it was like the first day of school, but the shiny pencil cases replaced with even shinier never used cameras. Nervous jokes were cracked as the group subtly eyed-up each others equipment…and then we began.

Thoughts of ISO, lenses, shutter speed and F numbers whizzed around my head as I silently panicked…then…slowly, and with a lot of support from the group (and several coffees), we all started to make sense of it. The lesson was a mixture of theory and practice, which really helped me begin to understand some of the many things going on inside my camera (and inside my head).

How the ISO, shutter speed and aperture all work in harmony together to produce the prefect shot is a tricky art to master. I am hoping that with a lot of practice and even more patience I will soon be snap-happy out of auto mode, and it will all finally ‘click’ into place.

Katie Hayton

Senior Design Manager

Rebecca Perks