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Totes amaze balls! The benefits of play for adults


When was the last time you played like a kid? Rolled down a hill, danced like no-one was watching, or jumped into a massive ball pool? Well, for me it was yesterday, and it was brilliant.

Part of the Manchester Science Fair, ‘Jump in!’ is an interactive installation, featuring a pool filled with thousands of white balls. Inspired by playful snowy scenes, this is a place to kick off your shoes (literally) and jump in!

A group of us Epigrammers decided to check it out after work- an interesting way to wind-down after a busy week. At first I was unsure- I knew it sounded fun, but what would we actually do in the ball pit? Would it be awkward letting loose with colleagues? What if we lost our socks!

Any worries were lost as soon as we stepped into the pit (or clumsily fell as it was in my case- turns out its hard to be composed when submerged in 81,000 balls!)

Playing like a kid was so much fun and sharing the experience with those you work with is definitely something to be encouraged. It enables you to shed any airs and graces- away goes any corporate stuffiness with the removal of a polished brogue and starched sock. There is no Director, no Junior, no heirarchy – just a group of people being silly and having fun together.

So get involved in events like this – let your hair down and experience how freeing it is to release your inner child! Studies have shown that play is an important source of relaxation, can supercharge learning and connect you to others and the world around you. Play can also make work more productive and pleasurable.

In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

So what are you waiting for- Jump in!

Katie Hayton,

Senior Design Manager

Rebecca Perks