3PB Barristers

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3 Paper Buildings (3PB) is one of the UK’s oldest and third-largest barristers’ chambers, offering a wide range of legal advocacy and advisory services. With 220 lawyers, they have a strong presence across six locations in the UK, including London, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Oxford, and Winchester, providing expertise in various areas of law.


Motion graphics

Brand representation


Montage containing useful information for prospective pupils and showcasing the diversity of people they recruit

The Challenge

To create a video(s) showcasing the diverse backgrounds of future barristers at 3PB to inspire those outside traditional paths to consider a career in law, emphasising their commitment to welcoming applicants from all backgrounds.

The Solution

With a dedicated emphasis on promoting diversity, the proposed approach entailed the creation of an extended video content piece which follows both brand guidelines and existing brand assets. This would illustrate that there is no ‘typical’ route to the bar. In particular that at 3PB they actively encourage applications from a diverse mix of applicants regardless of their backgrounds.

The Result

Questions which cover the various stages of their pupillage journey; from those about to start, to those mid-journey and those who have recently completed it.

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