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Mandarin Design Services

As a marketing professional navigating the dynamic landscape of Asia’s legal industry, we know you appreciate the pivotal role of effective communication and presentation. At Epigram, we are aligned with your unwavering dedication to excellence, prompting our enthusiasm in introducing our specialised Mandarin design services tailored for firms like yours.


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Print material and flyers
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The Challenge

Our challenge was to elevate engagement and impact through culturally sensitive and visually captivating design. Understanding the unique nature of each project, our mission was to tailor our services to meet the specific and diverse needs of our clients, ensuring a custom-fit approach for maximum effectiveness.

The Solution

Our strategy is built upon a profound understanding of the cultural intricacies and communication preferences within the Asian market, particularly tailored to support the legal sector. We meticulously craft visually captivating and culturally attuned design solutions, including Mandarin-language brochures, flyers, animations, and an array of marketing materials, all thoughtfully designed to deeply resonate with Mandarin-speaking audiences in the legal industry. Through the fusion of design proficiency and detailed cultural insight, we ensure that our clients’ messages not only reach but profoundly resonate with their intended audience, actively closing the communication divide and fostering heightened engagement within the multifaceted and lively Asian legal landscape.

The Result

To address these diverse needs, we have comprised a range of tailored visual assets which are examples of us bringing your vision to life. The Branded Festival Animations served as a celebration of Asia’s cultural richness, captivating both clients and colleagues during festive seasons, enhancing engagement through vibrant and immersive animations. We developed a sophisticated Mandarin-language brochure specifically tailored for the ‘Establishing a Business in the UK Guide’ by Blick Rothenberg. This refined and professional presentation adeptly highlighted the comprehensive guidance, expertise, and accomplishments, solidifying authority and credibility among Mandarin-speaking audiences seeking to navigate the intricacies of establishing a business in the UK. Complementing this, the Mandarin Flyer specifically tailored for Zhao Sheng’s ‘Seamless PRC and International Law Capabilities’ served as a dynamic promotional tool. Crafted to resonate with Mandarin-speaking clients. These purpose-built materials were strategically designed to optimise engagement and align seamlessly within the specific cultural context.

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